fredag 18 november 2011

EU joins in on SOPA criticism

"What a world we live in... when foreign countries are speaking out publicly against American censorship. For a country whose identity has been built around its strong support of the First Amendment and free speech rights, to reach the level where others are condemning our own failings on free speech is really sad. The EU Parliament has adopted, "by a large majority," a statement warning the US to refrain "from unilateral measures to revoke IP addresses or domain names" due to the "need to protect the integrity of the global internet and freedom of communications."

EU Adopts Resolution Against US Domain Seizures

"The European Parliament has adopted a resolution which criticizes domain name seizures of “infringing” websites by US authorities. According to the resolution these measures need to be countered as they endanger “the integrity of the global internet and freedom of communication.” With this stance the European Parliament joins an ever-growing list of opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act."

"Responding to an intervention by EDRi at a hearing recently on attacks against computer systems, the European Parliament today adopted, by a large majority, a resolution on the upcoming EU/US summit stressing “the need to protect the integrity of the global internet and freedom of communication by refraining from unilateral measures to revoke IP addresses or domain names.” 

With legislative proposals such as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act claiming worldwide jurisdiction for domain names and IP addresses. The definitions in SOPA are so broad that, ultimately, it could be interpreted in a way that would mean that no online resource in the global Internet would be outside US jurisdiction." 

On 15 November, over 60 civil and human rights organizations wrote a letter to Congress (co-signed by EDRi,  Access, the Association for Progressive Communications, Reporters Without Borders, Center for Technology and Society at FGV in Brazi and many more) urging the rejection of SOPA. The letter argues that the Act "is as unacceptable to the international community as it would be if a foreign country were to impose similar measures on the United States." 

The Swedish Pirate Party also condemns the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) (scroll down for english translation) 

Quote from the parties press release:

"- It is quite clear that the copyright industry will stop at nothing in its pursuit of file sharers, says Anna Troberg, leader of the Swedish Pirate Party. It is therefore important that lawmakers take their responsibilities and set clear boundaries for them. It is not reasonable that an industry of pure self-interest are allowed to dismantle the fundamental rights that people have fought for centuries to get.

The bills SOPA and PIPA abolishes both the rule of law and presumption of innocence. Under the proposals, it is enough that someone in the copyright industries believe that a site breaks their monopoly, in order to be able to shut down the site from the net and cut off all their income. A link on the site that is posted by a single user is enough."

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